The Ultimate Guide To Recruiting Front-End Developers

What Front-End Developers Do?
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This guide will help you to better understand the needs of your clients and recruit the best front-end developers.


Written by Artemij Fedosejev.

A Senior Front-End Developer in London, UK. Author of React.js Essentials book and website.

The Book

You will learn what the most in-demand front-end technologies are and what front-end developers use them for: JavaScript, React and Redux amongst others.

All those tech keywords will start making sense to you!

You will never confuse Java with JavaScript and React with React Native again.

This book is for recruiters who don't have technical background but want to understand what skills their clients seek to hire and how to efficiently communicate their client's requirements to front-end developers.

What's Inside The Book?

  • Chapter 1:
    What Front-End Developers Do?
  • Chapter 2:
    HTML and CSS
  • Chapter 3:
    BEM, SMACSS, LESS, SASS and Bootstrap
  • Chapter 4:
    JavaScript, ECMAScript, ES6, ES2015, Babel, TypeScript, Flow, ESLint, TSLint
  • Chapter 5:
    API, DOM, jQuery, Vanilla JavaScript, React, SPA, AJAX
  • Chapter 6:
    Flux, Redux, React Router, Internationalisation, FormatJS, React Intl

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Who's teaching?


Artemij Fedosejev has over 6 years of professional front-end development experience. He worked with Imperial College London, Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, Trainline and others. Artemij's an early adopter of React and the author of React.js Essentials book. Today Artemij is a senior front-end developer, author and educator.


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